Noel (60)

I help women over 40 build bodies they love to live in.

After dedicating two decades of my life to the beauty industry, superficially enhancing how women LOOK; I am grateful to be able to dedicate the rest of my career to coaching and empowering women to improve how they FEEL. 

There was a part of me that always felt a bit shameful and irresponsible for being a part of this vanity industry.  Having a young daughter who started telling me that she wanted to wear makeup so she could look pretty too was a tipping point for me.  What message was I sending my daughter, all of our daughters, and even our sons?  I realized that I needed to become a better example for my daughter and started to wear much less makeup and began to grow out my artificial hair color.  I wanted my children to know that we don’t have to “look” better for others, that they will always be enough just as they are.  

I fell in love with fitness back in my 20’s.  As most other women, my activity waxed and waned through milestones that made life busier, but I always felt best when I felt physically strong.  Now with a full head of grey hair and rarely any makeup; I am no longer compelled to fit society standards to LOOK beautiful.  Instead I focus on my wellness: health, fitness, nutrition, and mindset.  Being healthy and strong makes me FEEL beautiful.

Life makes it rough for women to prioritize their wellness, it’s even tougher for mothers. Mamas feel guilty about doing anything for themselves and even more so if they perceive that it in anyway conflicts with the needs and wants of the rest of the family. It’s difficult to find time, find energy, and find enthusiasm for even one more thing.

The fitness industry and it’s marketing makes it tough for women to feel comfortable participating in exercise programs, makes it tough for them to feel successful. Whether it’s the fitness model or trainer who portray the “results” of a program or activity, or the brutal workouts, or the restrictive and unrealistic diets; the fitness industry sets women up to fail and relies on them having to start over again, and again, and again. Repeat customers, repeat profit.

It’s not your fault. I’ve experienced this industry from the outside as a women, a mother, a personal training client, a fitness program purchaser and participant, and as a gym member.

This is what I’ve found:

  • Trainers with very little or no understanding of the female body
  • Trainers with very little or no understanding of a pre and post natal body environment
  • Trainers that exacerbate post partum complications and symptoms
  • One size fits all, plug and play programming for every person regardless of gender, age, fitness level, and ability
  • Irresponsible group fitness classes that have no regard for safety or proper form
  • Gyms with staring, leering men who follow and hover
  • Gyms with people lounging on needed equipment, completely engaged in their phones
  • Gyms with consistently damaged or broken equipment 
  • Fitness spaces that were filthy with disengaged employees, managers, and owners
  • Fitness spaces that were improperly set up or improperly scheduled for the classes they provided
  • Oversold membership and overcrowded classes
  • Instructors with no fitness background, training, or certification
  • Instructors that only motivate the advanced students in their progression and advancement, leaving the new students to flounder and fend for themselves

I’ve taken my own experiences throughout the years of working out with personal trainers, working out on my own, attending fitness classes, leading fitness classes, and training others. 

I warmly offer you:

  • private online personal training programs
  • affordable virtual fitness and yoga
  • private and group health coaching programs
  • pre and post natal fitness training
  • core and pelvic floor awareness and engagement instruction
  • rational and appropriate nutritional guidance
  • accountability, support, and motivation
  • compassionate approaches to wellness through simple healthy habits

My mission is to motivate, support, and encourage other women build healthy habits to improve the quality of their own lives.  I help women build bodies they love to live in!

My secret to your success: I believe that small, layered habits practiced consistently result in monumental lifestyle improvement.

My goal for my clients is to train them out of needing me; to give them tools, help them build habits that they can take with them and have forever. I want to help new clients instead of ensnaring the same few clients in a trap moving them through improvements and failure, and back again. I want them to be strong and successful on their own. I want them to be able to confidently refer their friends and family to me.

I don’t believe in just giving diets and workouts, I believe in showing you how to eat and move so it becomes YOUR knowledge, YOUR habits, YOUR lifestyle.

I am excited and honored to coach and cheer you along, every step of the way on your own wellness journey.  

♥Noel Buican♥

Trainings & Certifications 

  • Certified Personal Trainer | National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Group Exercise Personal Trainer | National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Corrective Exercise Specialization | National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Health Coach | American Council on Exercise
  • PN1 | Precision Nutrition  
  • Pro Education Course | FitnessGenes  
  • Pre and Post Natal Fitness Trainer | Girls Gone Strong
  • Post Natal Fitness Trainer | JMG Academy
  • Suspension Training Certificate | TRX
  • StretchLab | Flexologist Training Program 

200 hour yoga certification training:

  • Level 1 | YogaFit
  • Level 2 | YogaFit
  • Level 3 | YogaFit
  • Level 4 | YogaFit
  • Anatomy and Alignment | YogaFit
  • Yoga for the Change: Menstruation through Menopause | YogaFit
  • Yoga for Seniors | YogaFit
  • Yoga for Personal Trainers | YogaFit
  • Yoga for the Chakras | YogaFit