Fitness Offerings

Small Group Fitness

Build & Burn | 60 minute session | 2 wellness credits

Build muscle and burn fat in a moderate to high intensity circuit style workout utilizing free weights, body weight, and other resistance modalities.

Goddess | 60 minute session | 2 wellness credits

Sculpt your derrière while strengthening your inner core stabilizers and toning your midsection.  Highly focused work targets your inner “corset” helping to “cinch” your waistline.  Strategic breath and movement engages your pelvic floor to help improve post natal core and pelvic symptoms.

Private Training

Need some extra special attention?  A private session may be the solution to work on a program for your specific needs.

30 minute session | 3 wellness credits

45 minute session | 4 wellness credits

60 minute session | 5 wellness credits


Enjoy your practice in a compassionate, non-competitive, judgement free space.

Mixed Level | 60 minute session | 1 wellness credit

An experience appropriate for a beginner with a modest level of fitness and also for those with previous yoga practice who can choose to challenge themselves with optional progressions.

Gentle | 60 minute session | 1 wellness credit

Perfect for anyone interested in approaching a yoga practice. Props may be used to find greater success and enjoyment.  Experienced practitioners will find the opportunity for enhanced relaxation and ability for greater range of motion through the stabilization that props can provide.

Family | 45 minute session | 1 wellness credit per adult, accompanying child complimentary

Grab your favorite kiddos and work on reversing the negative physical effects that hours of sitting, commuting, and computing have on our bodies. Learn how breath and different poses can positively effect our health, posture, energy, and mood!
Begin your practice!

Divine Feminine Goddess | 90 minute session | 2 wellness credits

Join us for a loving and nurturing yoga practice focused on heart and hip opening for deep relaxation and release in a warm, comforting, and safe environment.

The Building Blocks of Yoga Series

Yoga Discovery 101-Yoga and know why | 60 minutes | complimentary

Everything you need to know to practice on your own, attend your first class or to return after feeling discouraged, lost, or confused…
After exploring the purpose of yoga, learning what it is and what it’s not, you will understand how yoga fits into your life and just possibly how you can begin to “live” yoga everyday.
In this session we will begin by learning the importance of breath and practice foundational poses in a relaxed, non-competitive, judgement-free space.

Yoga Discovery 102-Growing a Yoga Mindset | 2 hours | 3 wellness credits

Examine the eight limbs of yoga broken down for greater understanding, appreciation, and assimilation allowing you to take yoga out of the studio and into your daily life.
In this session we will review the importance of breath and foundation poses while progressing further into discovering how breathing techniques can help us “press the reset button” on an over heated mind and body. Practice additional poses and learn about the benefits of yoga flow, of how, when, and why in a relaxed, non-competitive, judgement-free space.