Wellness Coaching

Prepare 60 day program begins:

Monday, January 20th 2020

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Group Wellness Coaching

Phase 1 Prepare 8 week program – program relaunch Monday, January 20th

Is it time to prioritize your wellness but you don’t know how or where to start? Group Coaching is a wonderful way to explore wellness without the high cost or commitment of a private coach or trainer. Looking for motivation, accountability, camaraderie? Shared experiences can be a valuable asset to help keep you on track. The motivation to show up for others can be a powerful accountability tool when you find it difficult to show up for yourself.

This program focuses on Nutrition, Movement, and Mindset. Each week will highlight a new concept or idea in one of these three categories. We will start with the basics and build solid habits that will become positive lifestyle changes.

Phase 2 Progress 12 week program – Next session April 2020

Take what you’ve learned in Prepare and now progress to your next level of wellness! We’ll dig deeper into the concepts we’ve learned during our time in the Prepare program, find solutions to make those healthy habits stick where needed, and challenge ourselves to see what else is possible!

Throughout our 3 months together we will build out two fitness programs that you can do anywhere. You’ll have repeatable and progressive workout options that can be changed up to fight boredom or to come back to as a baseline again and again.

Phase 3 Preserve 90 day program – coming soon!

After dedicating yourself to your wellness during the Prepare and Progress, we want to make sure that you keep those habits forever! We say that we are in a maintenance stage after 6 months of a continued exercise, nutrition, health, and/or wellness program and the possibility of relapsing back into our old habits is at a new all time low. We’ll hit that 6 month milestone during the beginning of this program, be able to enjoy a strong foundation of base healthy habits, the addition and adherence of new ones, and develop strategies to turn these behaviors into lifelong wellness.

We will take the workout programs from the past and create new ones that cater to our individual preferences, needs, wants, and general enjoyment. You will finish this program understanding what elements go into a well rounded exercise program so you have this information now and forever!

Private Wellness Coaching

Do you need one-on-one motivation and accountability? Private coaching gives you a partner to work side by side on creating unique solutions to fit your specific schedule and lifestyle.

Your unique program includes:

  • nutritional guidance
  • meal planning tips and advice
  • fitness and recovery training
  • fitness and activity plan
  • personalized workouts
  • healthy lifestyle planning
  • habit awareness and adherence
  • motivational and accountability support

Whether you are a beginner, getting back to fitness, or looking for a new breakthrough, you will be introduced to the building blocks of wellness, the importance of breath during movement, core and pelvic floor engagement, a purposeful warm up period, proper alignment during exercise, and training recovery. Gain an understanding of how nutrition fits into exercise before, during, and after and how to set yourself up for success to thrive in your daily lifestyle.

Second only to adequate sleep quality and duration, good nutrition is a foundation and precursor to exercise and fitness.  Diets are not the same or a substitute for proper nutrition. A diet is related to a short term gain or loss, excellent nutrition is the basis of long term health and well being. Diets are never sustainable long term and most of the time lead to gaining back the original weight lost and sometimes more. Chronic dieters will find it increasingly more difficult to achieve sustainable weight loss.

Proper nutrition allows us to fuel our body and brain for our all encompassing needs. Consuming enough protein, enough fat (yes fat), and enough carbs (yes carbs) ensures that we can support brain and body function. Building cells, tissue, bones, and muscle, hormone

No crazy diets, no counting calories, no food weighing, no giving up your favorite meals and treats!  No killer cardio, no punishing fitness routines!  Improve your health through intentional exercise, common sense nutrition, and positive sustainable habits!

online program with in-person support sessions available at discounted rates